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The Turkish Histology and Embryology Association (THED) has aimed to organize various professional and academic training programs for students and faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and Science, and their related employees serving in the public and private sector since its establishment in 1990. The purpose of these activities is to support the training of young researchers in the field of health sciences, especially Histology and Embryology, and to increase the scientific and academic efficiency of young scientists.

In order to present these events to THED members in the most appropriate and accurate way, it is aimed to provide financial support by making applications to TÜBİTAK supports, if possible.

For these purposes, it is highly encouraged that our esteemed members who want to organize training activities with the support of THED, apply to the THED Board of Directors in writing with the idea, team and program they have created. The suggestions were evaluated as soon as possible, and any support within the frame of THED's possibilities, as well as possible TÜBİTAK etc. For applications to be made for the support of other institutions and organizations, guidance and guarantor support will be provided.

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